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Have questions about pressure washing? Find answers to common queries on our FAQs page.


Why should I consider pressure washing my property?

First, make sure that the cleaning process you’re considering matches the needs of your particular project. Pressure washing, using high pressure to clean, is a great choice for restoring the shine to concrete, pavers, brick, and hardscapes of all types. Patios, driveways, sidewalks, and retaining walls can be brought back from the oregon green and sparkle for you again! However, if you’re needing cleaning on any other kind of surface, you’re probably looking for soft washing. Soft washing uses a detergent to first kill and loosen the organic material on your homes’ siding, deck boards, fences, sheds, or even metal roofs. This allows us to then rinse the remaining debris off with a high volume, low-pressure flow, providing a superior, more even, better looking, longer lasting clean with less chance of damaging the surface.

Can I pressure wash my own property, or should I hire a professional?

Absolutely, you can do your own pressure washing, if you have the equipment, experience, and time. We pride ourselves in being able to do an even better job for you, with professional equipment, techniques, and experience.

Can pressure washing damage my property's surfaces?

Yes, if you’re not careful, pressure washing can absolutely damage many non-hardened surfaces, including you! That’s where a soft wash comes in, to preserve the integrity of your paint, deck, or fence.

Can pressure washing remove mold and mildew from my home's exterior?

High-pressure washing can effectively remove some mold and mildew, but a soft washing detergent much more effectively kills and loosens mold and mildew, allowing us to clean it in a far superior way to high pressure alone. Even on hardscapes, we first apply a detergent to provide a better, longer-lasting clean for your surfaces.

Can pressure washing remove oil stains from my driveway?

It can help, but seldom removes it all. Hot water and special stain-removing agents are generally required to get most oil out, which we do not offer at this time.

What is soft washing?

Soft washing is a low-pressure method of cleaning, utilizing a detergent application followed by a low-pressure, high-volume rinse, effectively and evenly killing and cleaning off the organic material that grows in the valley, as well as cobwebs, bird spots, and most dirt. It is the right way to wash your home, deck, or fence, providing a more even, better looking, longer lasting clean than high pressure.

How does soft washing differ from pressure washing?

Pressure washing relies on high pressure alone to dislodge contaminants, and is only suitable for hard surfaces such as concrete and pavers. Soft washing allows the detergent to do most of the work, providing a much gentler clean for your home.

What surfaces can be cleaned using soft washing?

Soft washing is highly effective on houses of all kinds, including vinyl, hardie, and aluminum siding, wood lap siding, most brickwork, stucco, gutter faces, wood, vinyl, and metal fences, painted or stained decks and railings, as well as composite material decking, and metal siding and roofs. We’ve also washed heavy plastic screening on horse barns, outdoor furniture of all types, different types of awnings, and RVs. We only recommend using high-pressure washing on hard surfaces such as concrete, pavers, and retaining wall blocks.

Why should I choose soft washing over traditional pressure washing?

Soft washing is amazing! We have effectively cleaned hundreds of properties across the entire Willamette Valley, gently removing contaminants in a way that doesn’t risk damage to your home, lasts longer, looks better, and is overall more effective.

Can soft washing remove algae and mold from surfaces?

Yes! Even 8 years into this job, it’s still delightful to watch the detergent melt away the nasty mold that we grow in our beautiful state. It truly is a joy to use soft washing to bring the sparkle and shine back to our customer’s homes!

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